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Me finding allergic to something that I don't know

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Just, running a bit ahead before finishing my story about the visit to Caracas, today when I woke up in Puerta La Cruz on my way to Isla Margarit and looked at my self in the mirrow I got really scared, because my right eye was swallen (not too much, but still not attractive), as if someone had hit me into my eye. Ok, I should not panic i told myself and thought of the reasons why it could have happen and of the next steps that I should take. The only reasone that came into my head was an allergy, but I was never allergic to anything! It can be either one of the two, local moscitos, or guanabana, juice of which have I tried yesterday. And I really hope that it is guanabana, cause I'll be able to live without it for the whole trip and eat other fruits, while with the moscitos, it might be a bit of a problem. The other problem was that I had to get on a ferry and stay there for 4 hours to get to the island, and my credit was not enough to toalk to the isurance company since they always put you on hold.

My dad was able to help me by calling them through, and they called me back, however, what pissed me off, that they don't have a doctor on Isla margarita, and they've just told me to get one, pay for it myself and then claim expenses with the insurance company in Moscow. Come on, I'll be in russia only in ten month, and when I told them to look for another doctor in the closest point to isla Margarita, they just did not call me back. What a typical Russian way to respond. By the time I get back to Caracas, I'll be either dead or healthy.

Well, I won't be dead for sure, and now it has got much better, the swallennes has decreased, so I might not even have to go to a doctor.

The ride on a ferry went smoothly, half of the time I slep and half of the time I've chated with a venezuelan 19 year old student, whom I've met yeasterday in the cue (btw, I had to stay in the cue for 1,5 hours to get a ticket, and yesterday they've said that all the tickets were sold out, however today I found myself in an empty ferry.). To my bigest surprise the guy had blue eyes, but the trik was that his parrents were Itallian.

On the ferry with us was also a boy with a coc, who was shouting all the time (the coc, not the boy). And what local people do, they bring with themselves blankets put them on the flore and just sleep on the flore.

When we arrived it was already dark, but I was willing to take a bus. The drivers said that they were not going to the place I was, but they would drop me out at the entrance to the city (that's what I've thought). But to my surprise they took me out on a turn to the city with another 10 km to go. And there I find myself on a road, luckily not to much empty in the middle of nowhere. Walking 10 km with a bag in the night in Venezuela (even in Isla Margarita, which is fairly safe) was not an option. Luckily there were other cars standing on the same cross road and one of the girls was very helpful with getting me a cap. I find that regardless to all the negative things written about venezual, they are several times more helpful than Russians. So I am finally in a nice pasada in playa del LLaque and the wind seems good for tomorrow.

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WOW you are v brave... it ever scarry to read ;-)did you figure out whether it was the fruit or not? i don't suggest that you eat it again thought!

by anastasia

No, I did not. THough I was lucky to have a pack of Tavegil with me and not it is fine.

by TatianaN

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