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So we´ve returned from Play Blanca to Cartagena on friday evening, which I was really looking for because I wanted to see what Cartagena nightlife everyone was so talking about was like. Just to let you know Cartagena is full of black Carrebian people, and Carrebian men get really exsited when they see a blond girl. He-he. And everyone seems to dance salsa. (I´ve never taken any classes of salsa, nor merenge, nor anything else, but now after 7 week in Colombia I can dance all these things as well). But because the night on the beach was quite chilly (I was lucky to have a blanket with me), I returned back sick and so friday night was spent sleeping in a hotel in a room without airconditioning to keep me warm.

But the next day was coming satureday night, which was also a Halloween night. The day I´ve roamed around the city trying to take the best photo shot, but unfortunetely there was no sun this day. I did not bother with a halloween costume and was dressed as a Russia girl. The night started with other backpackers on a city square drinking bear and ron. Even after a year in London I still don´t understand why Europeans, Americans and Austarlian enjoy so much this pointless standing in the street with a bear in a hand having a meaningless talk about something but nothing really interesting in particular? So we´ve spent like this for about 1-2 hours and then luckily colombian people came and finally we wend dancing.

Just a few words about how people were dressed up for hallowing. Among the tourist mostly men had made costumes (two were wearing dypers as if being babies, they were really lucky not to end up in a police department). Among Colombian people, mostly the girls were dressed up, and half of them were dressed up like prostitutes and the other half had skirt the leng as if they were prostitutes. Though I do admit that Colombian girls are beatiful and most of them have good figures, apart from some tourists that were dressed like prostitutes but were horrible to look at. But may that was the point, I just did not get it. It was halloween and goal of the halloween is to scare people)))

So the night went on with crazy dancing in different clubs and bars and me being attacked by three men at the same time. The night ended at five in the morning in one of the bars which was already closed. When people started sniffing cocaine in front of me, and then one of the guys nearly ended up in a fight with someone from the bar and knew that it was time to go home.

The next day at 10 in the morning I had my four hour bus to Taganga, a small fishermens village. What is good about taking a bus after a sleepless night is that you pass out for the whole trip and it goes really quickly. I´ve spend in Taganga a day and a half I did not like it to much. Would not say that it is beatiful, has a gray dirty sand and is expensive in comparison to the rest of Colombia, though the lagoon is really nice to swim because there are no currents, not waves. I don´t know what the whole fuss is about Taganga. One day I did scuba diving (that was basically the reason I came to Taganga). Quite nice, nice corals, nice fishes, but the visibility was not that great, about ten meters and after Egypt it does not impress to much. Though in Taganga I´ve understood that I´ve become lazy and decided to start the fight against lazyness, that is why ´ve started writting in the blog again. Also in Taganga I wanted to spend some time on my own, because at some point I got tired of meeting lot´s of new people every day. But even there I could not do it to full extend: I had to go to Santa Marta (a bigger sity next ot the village) to get some cash, and wanted to spend time having a dinner on my own reading a book, but after five minutes walking on the street I was approached by a local guy who was following me everywhere, even in the restaurant, being really annoying , so in the final end I had to take a bus back to Taganga to read a book in silence.

The next day I left to park Tayrona, a national park next to coast, where I spent another two night in hammack...

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Privet, cool you're writing your blog again and fighting laziness ;-) really enjoy reading it!!! What are your travelling plans further. When are you planning to go to Argentina? I'm locked on the island again - changing my passport...

by nastya

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