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The night on the isolated beach in hammock under moon light

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I admit it, I am lazy, and with this relaxed style of life I have become even more lazy, so it is hard for me to write a few lines. But you´ve been asking me to continue writing about my trip, so I am starting to write again and of cource with the latest things that have happened to me.

Just in breif, I´ve been travelling from North to South of Colombia by the mainland, without dropping to the coast. I´ve been here for more than a month, I really love this country, especially and most of all people. I´ve stayed for three weeks in Bogota dancing tango (sounds strange, I know it), spent some time in Zona Cafetera, which is beautiful and peacefull and came to Cali to dance salsa. And every person I´ve met so far had been telling me that I should not have missed the Carrebian coast of Colombia, especially Cartagena. So I got myself an airticket, which costed me about the same as a bus, and I am in Cartagent.

In the historic center of Cartagena, if you omit all the sellers and tourists, you can imagine what life was like 300-400 years ago: men getting in town on horses, women waiting for their husbands on the balconies, mild breez blowing through their air. Beutiful town to stroll around, which was worth returning back to the north of Colombia after nearly reaching the very south.

One of the days there, with an Italian girl from my hostel we took a boat trip to Playa Blanca, it is named one of the most beatiful beaches around Cartagena, and I can admit that it is beatiful. To get there you have to take a boat cause its on a island. We were unlucky to get on a big and very slow boat that took us two hours to get there. And when we got there, I was only thinking how amazing it would be to stay on the beach with no one around and I was ready to through into the sea my return ticket, but did not because with it we could take the next day boat without any problems (later I've lost this ticket, but luckily there is always someone who remembers me, so the crew did not through me overboard on the way back). And so we stayed.

It is a nearly wild beach, with no electricity, no utilities, there are a few places where you can camp or stay in hammock. At about five all the tourists left and we were left nearly on our own. This night the best music was the sound of the sea, the best lightening - the cool light of the moon which was bright as day and colored everything in silver, the best bed was a hammoch, the perfect drink - fresh coco juice. I just strolled around the beach in the night, listened to sea, swam under the moon, and the truth is that it was the night I was perfectly happy and peaceful on my own. It might have been one on the most beatiful night I have seen, it was perfect. I think the less developed is the beach, the more beatiful it is. In most of the case man seen to destroy what the earth has created for us.

The only thing that a little bit spoiled our stay, were moscitos, and since we were not planning it we did not bring anything with us, they've just ate as alive. And they are tiny, you cant see them, but after 3 days I am still scratching all over.

On the next day we were back to Cartagena, ready to party the whole Haloween night....

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