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First week in Colombia

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Well, I believe it is time for me to write something new, but there are some many things happening everyday that I don´t have time in the evening to write even a few lines...in any case...I am in Colombia...Aha...And dont start to panic and call the militaries to rescue me, I am still safe an sound, I have not been kidnapped, I have not seen cocaine barons, and honestly it feels safer and more organized than Venezuela. i any case Colombia is a really beautiful country with amazing people.

To get to Colombia I had to cross the land border between Venezuela and Colombia, and honestly there is noone who is even bothered to check you passport, there is no passport control and if you dont insist yourself that you need a stamp about exiting the country and entering the new one, they wont even know. Because it was getting dark I got stuck for a night in a border town in Venezuela though I already had my stamp about leaving the country, and the next morning at 6 o´clock I was crossing the border of the two countries by foot. I felt a bit weard because it is a 500 meter long bridge and having to cross it by foot with a huge bag felt like beeing some illigal immigrant. Same thing with passport control in Colombia, if you dont go to the little house with a sigh immigration control to get a stamp, there is noone it check it.

When I got to Colombia, I was as scared as all of you would be, running from one tree to another, always looking around and ready to run in any moment. My rout was heading to San Hill, a little town which I called the capital of COlombians adrenaline sports. I got there safe and sound, with the only thing that made me a bit scared on the way. I was travelling through another town Pomplona, just to make a brief stop between the routs (lonelyplanet was saying that it is quite a pleasant town, though I honestly disagree with this statement, and I am not sure it is worth a visit), and the guy who was selling me a bus ticket was missing half of his direction finger on the right hand. Immediately I remember all the films about kidnapping, and decided to get out of this town as soon as possible. I arrived to San Gill at 10 in the night and stayed in a hostel in a dormetry with lots of backpackers from Europe, Sates and Australia.

San Hill is a nice easygoing colonial town with lots of fruits. Finally after Venezuela I could eat as many fruits as I liked, and half of them I¨ve seen and tried for the first time (though I still have not tased Guanabana, being scared that it might cause an allergic reaction.) And it is true that San Hill is a good spot to do various adrenaline stuff. I did paragliding for the first time. It was so amazing, though the view was also nice to watch, the funnies part was when the guy whom I was paragliding with, got up higher in the sky and then started quickly decending circling around, I honestly believe he turned us nearly upside down, well at leased it seemed so, because I could see the ground and the parashut at the same time. For the next 1 hour I had a nonstopping stupid smile on my face.

The next day 10 people from our hoster including myself went to do rafting on a river wich has 4-5 level lapises. That was also unbelievable fun, though after our instructor told us all the security instruction what to do when you fall out of the boat, I was honestly thinking that it might had been a wrong decision to do it and that I might not be ready for this level of rafting. But our raft was doing great, though we had to overcome 2-3 meter waves, were covered by water, had our raft filled with water, we managed to overcome all the difficultes of 3 hour ride and were celebrating after every successfully passed lapis.

A little bit about people, the hostel was full of americans, europeans and australians, and everyone was really surprised to hear that I am from Russia, because to all of them I was the first Russian they´ve met in south america. In the evenings we went out to get some beer, but because it was the middle of the week it was pretty quite. The funnies thing is that I have to explain everyone that vodka is never drunk with ice, thouse are only foreigners doing it. One of the american guys showed the way he was tought to drink vodka in Colombia. It is called ¨Russian Cocaine¨, which I pretty cool. You take a shot of vodka (thanks god without ice), lime, sugar and coffee. You cover one side of lime with coffee and the other with sugar, leack the side with sugar (or maybe coffee goes first, dont remember exactly), drink the shot and then eat the lime with coffee and sugar like in the tequila drinking process. It is really nice. Try it, you´d love it. Though pour foreigners could not even drink one half of a shot (which is about 50mm) in one go, even though vodka was with water for sure. The next evening when we were in anther bar I made friend with a local Colombian girls working there and the day after with want to the cascades together with her. Ive also visited a close by colonial town Barihara, which is very quite and nice to roam around for a while.

After spending two month in south america, I understand clearly that I want to live here, not in Europe not in Australia, but in Latin America. I love music, I love poeple (I deffinitely get more pleasure from communicating with them than with Europeans, Americans and Australians in general), I love the weather, I love the nature (except for the insects).

And then I was heading to Bogota...where I was planning just to spend the weekend, but will be staying here for 1,5 weeks.

P.S. Some interesting facts on how to judge about the development of the country. Everyone Russian more or less imagines what more than a half of the toilets are like in the bus terminal, in the roads between the cities, and other places like that in Russa. Well both in Venezuela and Colombia I never came across a toilet that was mallfuncioning. Every each of them was clean, with running water, light and closing doors. And no wholes in the flore. Vot tak...

P.S. Just

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Mi tebya odny v Latin America ne ostavim. Pereeedem k tebe bolshoi russkoi diasporoi, tk mi se lubim musiky i blizkih po duhy ludei:))) Tseluem i udachi:)))

by Julia

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