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Gone with the wind in Isla Margarita

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Now I know that an expression "Zdat y moria pogody" has a very straight meaning, especially when you are kiting or windsurfing. Because that's what I have been doing to the last four days, sitting on the beach and waiting for the wind, which has been gone in two days after I had arrived to Isla Margarita, particularily to do kite-boarding.

Today is a week since I am here, and I've managed to get out in the sea with a kite only twice. I am not calling it kiting because, those two times can be only called a disaster. So on my first day I've talked to all kiteboarding schools on the beach (there are about five) about renting a board and may be getting some suppervision or lession, if I turned out to be quite bad after nearly 2 years break. Surprisingly on a 200 meter long beach the prices vary quite substantially, so I've chose one of the schools (one of the cheapest) and the next day was ready to do kiteboarding.

Oh, have to mention, the place I am staying is called el Yaque, and is considered to be one of the best spots in the world to do kiteboarding and windsurfing, because the water is flat and shallow, and the wind is blowing 10 month a year. The problem is, that now are exectly those 2 monthes when there is no wind. It is quite small, and not much activity to do apart from kiting or windsurfing, but it's really nice. I am staying in a hotel paying about 15 dollars a day per room with aircon, we have a nice teracce facing the sea with a kitchen to cook and nice people staying here.

Back to kiting. The day x had come, the wind was blowing, I was taken up the wind on a boat, given a board...and had an hour of shame. I did not get on the board, and most of the time had to boadydrag to get the board back. Then the chiken loop (the thing that attaches a kite to a harnes) went off (luckily i had a security, so I did not lose the kite), but it was draging me to the see for the next 15 minutes, and I had now strengh to attach it back to myselfs and was only thingking of the boat coming a rescueing me. It did come.

So we've agreed to have a lesson the next day to work on my waterstart. And that was it, then next day the wind was gone, and then the next, and the next, and so. There are two guys, who came partcularily here to learn kitesurfing, so I am affraid they'll have to come back here one more time. On one of the days, with small wind we went out with the boad to have a lesson, but it was also a disaster, because the wing was so weak, that the kite was just luying falt in the water. So the lesson was over without really having started. On the same boat all in all 8 kiters went out (those who can ride), and we had to rescue 5 of them from the water later.

So yeasterday, again no wind, and we've decides with other german girls from our hostel to try wakebaording. I though I would be as hopless, but suprising I stood up on the board from the very first time. And was riding smoothly for the next 10-15 minutes. That was amaizing! I loved it, though it is really hard physically, I had to let go several times just because my hands were too tired, and I could barely walk when I got out to the shore. So today it feels as if I had spent and hour in a gym. Will do it today as well, and it can be an alternative to kiteborading, though still i preffer kiting. However nowI know that I don't have problems with the board, neither do I have problems with the kite, I just have a problem with coordinating it together.

In our hostels stays an interesting couple from Austria. They have crossed the whole South America in 6 month on a motobike. They've showen the pictures from Chile and Argentina, so I just can't wait to get ther. They are at the end of their trip, staying here to do some windsurfing. So on one of the days we've decided to rent a car, and go arroung the island for a day. The cheapest car was Jeep Jimmy, an old suzuki car, without an aircon, who's dores did not close properly and every little bump on a road felt like a huge hole. We were also joing by a guy from Chile, who is quite friendly, but a bit slow thinking and the way he looks and dressed remines me of a sales person from Cherkizovsky rinok. )) So we've visited other beaches, like the one you imagine when thinking of the Carrebean with white sand, palms and cristal clear blue water. Swam in the waves. Before going there, I've read that one of the beaches had good surf, so I've though of moving there for the time when there is no wind, but when we've arrived the waves are not good so I stayed in El Yaque. And for the sunset we went to a town called Juangriego, and first were disappointed because the sun went down, there were clouds and we could not see anything. But then suddenly the sky and the coulds started to get redder and redder every second. I though that sunsets like this exist only in pictures. We just could not take our eyes off it. I'll post the pictures a bit later, they are amaizing, and neither of them used photoshop.


Today and tomorrow won't be any wind either, so today will be another day of doing nothing and tomorrow I am going for diving.

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