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Some interesting facts about Venezuela

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Dollar: First of all, if you ever plan to travel to Venezuela bring only cash, because the situation here with dollars and exchange rate is the same as it was in Soviet Union. No dollars can be accesible in the country, people can't get it in bank, they can exchange it from bolivar to dollars. And the governement fixed the exchange rate at 2.15 bolivers per dollar, however there is also black market rate, which equals 6-7 bolivars per dollar. And the local prices are set in according to the black market rate. So if you go to bank, they'll exchange at the oficial rate, and when you withdraw money from a card, it will be also charged according to the official rate. So the only way to exchange money when you get into the country, is to know someone who might want to buy dollars. (My exchange process was happening in the night in a car in the dark in parking lot.) And local people can't do saving in dollars, they are allowed to have only 2,500$ per year when they travel abroad. They have to go to bank, show lot's of papers that they are travleing, and only afterwards it will be charged to their account. And it is a big pain in the ass, because I did not know it, so the cash that I brough will let me last for another week. So now I am trying to find all the possible ways where to get money from. And I can't receive a Western Union trasfer, because the money will be automatically converted to bolivar at the official rate.

Beauty industry: Venesuela has the largest amount to global beaty quines (they won about 7 Miss of the World). And Venezuela the largest number of brest implantant operations per capita in the world as well. The amount of fake boobs I see here on the beach is just incredible, about every third of a local girl has it. It is quite common here for a 16 year old girl to receive fake breast as a present for a birthday. And the operation is unbeilivably cheap, about 1-1,5 thousand dollars. Btw, it could be good business to bring women from across the world to do their breast here.

Age people can get married: Lot's of girls here have their first child in 16. It is legal for girls to get married at 14 and for boys at 12. What I was also told, that many girls have children without having husbands.

traditional Food: Arepa, a tosted bread out of corn flower filled with everything possible.
Empanadas, same as cheburek, with many other filling apart from mea, also made about of corn flower.
Cachapa, a pancake again from corn flower with some filling as well.

Prices on the Island: Today in the shop they were selling to potatos at about 0.8 cents, which is the same price as for a kilo in Moscow.

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